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The Role of an Instructor

We strongly recommend for the best results that you find a good, well-qualified instructor. A good instructor is well worth whatever he or she charges if you are really serious about mastering the guitar. However, one should keep some things in mind. (1) A good player is not necessarily a good teacher. (2) Most musicians tend to prefer one particular style over others, and so naturally acquire more skill in this one particular style. So seek an instructor who teaches the style you prefer, and one who has specific competence in teaching as well as playing.

As a beginner you really have insufficient knowledge to evaluate these things, so we encourage you to seek objective referrals where possible on any instructor you may wish to work with.

Nevertheless, it is certainly possible to learn the guitar at the hobbyist level using resources such as this website. The basics we will be covering in this course are universal to all pick styles. Some of the well known great guitarists are self-taught in this way. We have designed this website specifically for those who for whatever reason do not have the benefit of a private instructor. So if you wish to have a go on your own, we think you will find this web site very useful.

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