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Introduction to Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Congratulations! If you have made it thus far, then you probably have the magic ingredient that will ensure your success: an unquenchable desire to master the guitar! As with the Basics section, though, this material is not necessarily all grins and giggles. By the end of this section you will have the knowledge to begin playing along with songs on the radio. Your initial review of this information will not take nearly as long as the development of the physical playing skills you will need for this level of mastery. The important thing you must do is keep practicing and don't give up. Discouragement is your worst enemy, in this and every other endeavor. Every beginner suffers through repeated struggles. You must not give up! Keep practicing, it will come to you! If you have any questions use the contact link, that is why we put it here.

Most guitar courses start roughly at about this part of the Free Guitar Course, with chords, generic scale patterns, and beginner progressions, maybe some stripped versions of well-known songs. This approach is more immediately gratifying to the beginner and therefore increases the likelihood that he or she will stick with it. However, this "start-in-the-middle" approach leaves one totally dependent on the instructor to keep feeding new songs and lead licks. Our goal with the Free Guitar Course is to give you the knowledge to figure out popular songs on your own. We want to get you independent as soon as possible, and that is why we have put some foundational stuff up front. It's a bit longer way to making music than the typical approach, but only a little bit longer, and it pays off huge in the short run and the long run. So keep moving, and soon you will be far ahead of the typical beginner!

Again, be sure you understand the musical alphabet, intervals, and steps before you tackle this part of the course. You are on the verge of beginning to make some real music, so get ready! Set! Go! ...

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