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Site Map

This web course builds from page one. The Site map is a short cut for those who are already familiar with the site. If you are not familiar with the site and attempt to jump in the middle you may be confused by the explanations, as they often assume understanding of material previously covered.




Technical Overview

What to expect

The Role of a Private Instructor- List of Schools/Teachers

Your First Guitar

Final Introductory Comments


The Very Basics

Standard Tuning

Fretboard Notation

Major Scale Pattern




Major Scale Construction


Keyed Major Scales

Chord Construction

Pick Hand Technique

Major Triad Chord Construction

Minor Triad Chord Construction

Diminished and Augmented Triad Chord Construction


Introduction to Intermediate

Eliminating Restrictive Physical Tension

Condensed Major Scale Patterns

Major Key Chords for Guitar

Major Pentatonic Scale Patterns for Guitar

Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns for Guitar

Blues Scale Patterns for Guitar

Embellishments - Slide, Hammer, Pull-off, Bend

Basic Seventh Chords for Guitar - Open Position

Fifth Chords for Guitar (Power Chords)

Suspended Second (Sus2) Chords for Guitar

Suspended Fourth (Sus4) Chords for Guitar

Minor Scale Patterns for Guitar

Outro to Intermediate Guitar Concepts


Intro to Advanced Guitar Concepts

E Form Bar Chords for Guitar

A Form Bar Chords for Guitar

Major Scale Modes for Guitar Part 1: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian Mode Patterns

Major Scale Modes for Guitar Part 2: Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian Mode Patterns

Advanced Seventh Chords Theory for Guitar

Advanced Seventh Chords Fingerings for Guitar

Advanced Interval Concepts for Guitar

Ninth Chords (9th chords) for Guitar

Outro to Advanced Guitar Concepts


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